Kindergarten Room

3 to 4 years

Our Kindergarten room is where we continue to build on the skills that children were developing in the junior kindy room.

Our talented and highly qualified team of educators are here to ensure our children feel safe and supported in their learning environment. Children also continue to develop their self- help skills (independence in toileting routine) and fine and gross motor skill development. It is at this age where the foundation for children’s literacy and numeracy skills are cemented. Children are exposed to activities supporting the recognition of letters and numerals and starting to recognise and write their own names.

It is also at this stage, that we encourage children to satisfy their own needs when it comes to playing, by providing opportunities for children to gravitate to activities they are naturally interested in. .

Children this age are very curious, and to encourage their natural interests, we include science experiments and we use unconventional materials in arts and crafts projects. Children learn about different planets, plants, animals, and use materials to continue exploring, learning, and understanding the world around them.

At Park Ridge Early Learning Centre, we provide nutritious meals which are prepared daily in the centre, so you don’t have to worry about packing meals every day. Our centre also has an amazing outdoor environment which has been designed to inspire children's learning through play and features many different areas for the children to enjoy.

If you would like to enrol your child, or simply want to visit our centre, please get in contact today! 

Strathpine Childcare - Kindergarten Room

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