Welcome to Park Ridge Early Childhood Centre

At the Park Ridge Early Childhood Centre, we aim to provide the highest quality standards of education and care for the children and families enrolled.

We are committed to promoting a warm, loving and nurturing learning environment where children are empowered to explore, discover and thrive in an environment of which they feel a part of.

As a new service, we are delighted to be in a position to involve the children, families, educators and community in the growth and development of our centre. We plan to encourage children to help build their surrounds through establishing garden and outdoor spaces, arrangement and planning special spaces such as relaxation areas, discovery areas and creative areas.

We are a new service however, we have many years of experience in owning and operating successful childcare centres. Our Management, Educators and staff are experienced in the field of early childhood education and bring with them various skills, strengths and knowledge to help form part of a successful team.

Our overall goal is to ensure every child feels valued, secure and respected in our environment.

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