Our Team & Programs

The staff at our Centre foster an atmosphere of loving care.  This is important to young children who need to know they are with someone who truly enjoys their company.  Our staff have been employed because of their academic qualifications, experience and special skills, but above all their genuine fondness for and commitment to providing quality care and education for the children.

Our Service is staffed to the requirements and recommended staff levels of the Education and Care Regulations and National Law Act 2011. Each group has a Group Leader (Educator) who has appropriate early childhood qualifications and an Educator who assists them. All staff are checked and approved by the Department of Education, Training and Employment Early Childhood Eduaction, regarding their qualifications and suitability to work with young children.

Our staff roster is implemented to ensure continuity of care for the children and to minimize disruption to the programs. The staff roster is displayed in the centre for familes to view.

The Educators, in consultation with our Education Team Leader, formulate appropriate child centred programmes based on the needs and interests of the individual children in their group.  These programmes are prepared by the Educators in conjuction with the children in the group, based on the various developmental needs and interests of the children in the group. A programme is planned for each child’s interest and to foster the development of certain abilities, attitudes and skills.

Our staff develop programes based on the Early Years Learning Framework. This an approved curriculum aimed at enriching children’s learning across all areas of childhood development.

It is our aim that we assist each child to develop the ability to:

  • feel valued and to feel a sense of belonging
  • feel confident and adequate                                                                                    
  • be independent
  • use his or her body skillfully                                                 
  • communicate well with others
  • learn to co-operate as part of a group, to share and take turns
  • control feelings of hostility and aggression
  • express oneself through speech, movement, music and art
  • observe, explore, question, reason and solve problems
  • share ideas and opinions
  • be eager for new experiences

The Educators role is to provide appropriate activities / experiences for the children, to select and extend areas of interest and to provide encouragement.  It is the process of learning that is important and not the “product”.  Your child may be working on a difficult puzzle, learning to share and take turns in a game or a multitude of other experiences of equal importance.  Play activities include painting, pasting, play dough, puzzles, blocks, construction equipment, reading, story-telling, music/dance and outdoor activities.


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