Parent Involvement

We have an “open door” policy for parents at our Centre.  Parent involvement is extremely important and the Centre encourages parents and family members to become involved in our daily activities.  By volunteering some of your spare time, you will better understand what we do and how your child spends part of their day.

Parents may become involved by:

  • Visiting the Centre and joining in the program
  • Sharing any special skills hobbies or interests that they may have
  • Reading the notice boards, newsletters and messages in pockets.
  • Assisting with excursions
  • Sharing your child’s experiences with craft, story-telling, music, etc.
  • Viewing the program and discussing the displays, watching your child play in a group or helping with a puzzle
  • Supporting fund raising activities and social events
  • Discussing any problems or concerns with our staff

Parents are also encouraged to advise the Director or Group Leader of any changes in the family or home situation (e.g. divorce, separation of parents, special events such as a new baby, death of a close relative such as grandparents, etc.).  Significant change in behavior may arise as a result of this, so notification from a parent may greatly assist our staff in helping a child through this difficult period.

Centre Development Committee Meetings

Due to the commitment of our staff and the involvement of many parents, this Centre has been officially accredited by the National Childcare Accreditation Council as a provider of the highest possible standard of Childcare.  Nevertheless, we are continually striving to improve that standard.  Parents are encouraged to attend our bi-monthly meetings to offer any suggestions they may have to improve the quality of care provided.  We value your involvement.

Excursions and Escorted Trips

From time to time we will be extending the children’s experiences by arranging excursions outside the Centre.  The Centre will ensure that at no time will a child be taken out of the Centre without first obtaining your written consent.

Prior to every excursion, full written details will be given to each participating child’s family.  Appropriate adult/child ratios will be adhered to, to ensure adequate supervision of the group.  Sufficient qualified staff will remain at the Centre to supervise any children who are unable to attend the excursion.

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